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Property Valuation

When you make use of property valuation services, you get the right estimate or worth of your property. All details about the property will be given in the property valuation report through which you can understand the exact estimate current value of your property. If you are looking for Property valuation, Kaltes properties offers such services. Once you’ve made a request to get your property valuated, we will send in our trusted partner experts to assess the property. These will later generate a property valuation report and this will detail information about the property, its features, how it stands amongst other properties in its current location and much more. The information provided in the report is extensive and can be effectively used for your requirements


There are many benefits in making use of property valuation services and here’s why.

  • If you are interested in buying a new property, you need to make a pre-purchase assessment of it.
  • Processing a mortgage. All lenders need a valuation to be carried out on a property, so they are comfortable that they are not lending you more than the property is worth. Although you may be paying for it
  • In case of matters relating to tax payment.
  • If you want to auction your property and need to find out the appropriate price for the auction, using the services of a property valuator is the best choice
  • In a situation where you have to lease out your property and need to set an appropriate rental cost based on the qualities of your property, a property valuation service will be of much help in determining the amount based on your property’s value
  • In case of matter such as settlement of property between members of the family, matrimonial settlement, litigation settlement, you would need to know the appropriate value of the property in order to proceed with such matters
  • When you have to get the value of the property for the purpose of insurances claims.


Property Management

Property Management today is no longer a matter of merely collecting rent and attending to routine maintenance of properties though these are significant tasks in themselves. The objective of management today is to provide a skilled service enabling the property owner to receive maximum return on his/her investment.

Of particular importance is that the professional manager is adept at promoting good tenant relationships without sacrificing or prejudicing the Owner’s position or investment.

At Kaltes Properties we provide unparalleled service to clients that require property/asset management services.

We have gained experience, tools, processes and relationships to help Investment Property Owners achieve their financial goals by implementing a personalized, consultative transaction/project specific approach.

We provide critical direction to our client’s crossroad decisions in commercial and residential real estate.

We are results oriented, with a proven track record of successes within and around Jinja Town.

There are so many special skills and talents necessary to successfully manage a property but at Kaltes Properties our ethic is to carry out tasks efficiently and effectively we use our special expertise so that our knowledge and experience can be economically employed in a professional manner, ensuring the best results for both our Landlord and tenants.

Management Services offered

We provide a full range of thorough and competent services for the investment property owner. They include marketing and advertising, showing, insurance, repairs/maintenance, property inspections, rent collection, and periodic property inspection reports.

Our Full Management Services include:

  • Market analysis: Determining a rent based on experience and market research and reviewing rent as the market changes.
  • Advertising, including professional signage, advertisement posts on our website and selected print media.
  • Private showing of property to clients on short notice and/or on call.
  • Thorough tenant screening
  • Detailed property inspection prior to tenant occupancy & at lease conclusion as well as periodic inspections as needed
  • Rental collection notice and monthly accounting
  • Maintenance and repair management as needed and authorized


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